Adding IntelliSense for JQuery in Visual Studio 2008

To set up IntelliSense for JQuery you will need to download the JQuery Documentation File
from the JQuery site.

At the top of the JavaScript file in which you would like to have jQuery IntelliSense enabled, you will need to add a line to reference
the documentation file:

                                        /// <reference path="jquery-1.3.2-vsdoc2.js" />

If you downloaded jQuery and saved it to your project Visual Studio will look for the vsdoc.js file automatically if
the following conditions are met.

  • You downloaded and installed the hotfix for Visual Studio.
  • jQuery and the documentation file need to be named the same with the exception that the documentation file end with -vsdoc.js.
    So when you add jQuery to your project make sure to rename them similarly. For instance, jquery-1.3.2.js is your jQuery library,
    Visual Studio will look for the documentation file at jquery-1.3.2-vsdoc.js and load it.

    (Note: the jQuery 1.3.2 documentation file is named jquery-1.3.2-vsdoc2.js on the Download page so make sure you take out
    the 2 so that the file will be found by Visual Studio).

  • To test to make sure the documentation file loaded correctly, you can type $( and you should be presented with some documentation.


Sequence contains no elements


Image via Wikipedia

The error occurs when you try to access an object returned by a Linq query with 0 elements in the result set an
InvalidOperationException is thrown. Below is a simulation to generate the error:

Dim productQuery = From p In context.Products Where p.ID = -1 Select p

Dim p As Product = productQuery.Single()

An exception is thrown by the Single() method because the productQuery object has no products inside and the Single() method is
trying to reach the first entity in the productQuery.

To avoid this problem, we must check whether productQuery is containing some items or not. Here is the correct way to do it:

                                    Dim productQuery = From p In context.Products Where p.ID = -1 Select p 
                                    If productQuery.Count > 0 Then
                                            Dim p As Product = productQuery.Single()
                                            Return Nothing
                                    End If

Using JQuery Shadowbox inside Asp.Net UpdatePanel

Shadowbox is an amazing extension for JQuery that allows you to easily play around with image galleries, modal dialogs,internal pages and much more while providing a rich user interface that captures the eye. It is also easy to implement in your web pages. However, .net developers often lose the functionality of shadowbox if they are using it from inside an update panel which is part of the microsoft ajax framework.

Shadowbox does not work inside the update panel becuase the content within the panel is dynamically updated after a partial postback. This causes the bindings of shadowbox on the inner html content to break and therefore, the nice shadowbox will not open again.

However, there is a nice little workaround to fix this issue. The solution is easy to implement and configure on you current project. All we need to do is reinitialize shadowbox after a partial postback is complete. This will cause html elements to rebind to shadowbox to get up and running again. The script below shows how to do this on the page you are using shadowbox or in the master page if you are using one.

<script type="text/javascript">
    function EndRequest(sender, args) {Shadowbox.setup();}