Making money with your personal blog

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Image by Fräulein Schiller via Flickr

Weather  you already have a blog that you maintain frequently or weather you’re thinking about starting up you personal website to post your articles and share ideas with the rest of the world has really become one of the most influential aspects on the web which nowadays provides multiple ways not only for sharing knowledge but also to make revenue out of your knowledge. Online advertising and marketing is becoming so important that many bloggers and website developers are seriously quitting their jobs and working from home. All is needed is an internet connection and you’re ready to make money. The amount of money you can make varies according to your website’s traffic and number of daily hits. The more visitors who drop by your site, the more you will earn.

There are several ways to monetize your blog. One can simply sell links for other websites if a good page rank is available, or you can advertise for other products by putting ads using google adsense or some other service. From my personal experience, one of the most interesting ways of making relatively “good revenue” that is getting popular very fast is Adfly. With Adfly, all you need to do is to pick some your favorite websites, then use adfly’s url free shortening service to get a shrinked version of the url, then you can use that url through out the web by using it to access your website directly or by posting it to other blogs and forums. It seems this method is getting popular more than I expected and many bloggers are becomming aware of how much money they can make with this service. So, if you’re thinking of monetizing your site, go for Adfly instead of google adsense because, you know, people are becomming more “ads aware”, so even the simplest user can figure out that this particular area on the page is for ads and by default wil avoid clicking on it, CPC(cost-per-click) is dying and services like Adfly will dominate the web market in the next couple of years.

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